Ansible troubleshooting — Module Failure on Windows-target

How to reproduce, troubleshoot, and fix the Module Failure Ansible fatal error on Windows-target. Demo code included for download file example.

Luca Berton
4 min readFeb 8, 2022


Today we’re going to talk about Ansible troubleshooting, specifically about the Module Failure on Windows-target.
I’m Luca Berton and welcome to today’s episode of Ansible Pilot.


How to troubleshoot the Module Failure on Windows-target.

error code

- name: win_get_url module demo
hosts: all
become: false
myurl: ""
mydest: 'C:\Users\vagrant\Desktop\ansible-2.9.25.tar.gz'
- name: download file
url: "{{ myurl }}"
dest: "{{ mydest }}"

error execution

ansible-pilot $ ansible-playbook -i virtualmachines/win/inventory troubleshooting/get_url_error.ymlPLAY [win_get_url module demo] ********************************************************************



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